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Q&A with Gary Woodill: Why Nobody Will Be Talking About Mobile Learning in 5 Years

There's a lot of talk about the future of [Read More...]

Reading: “Pupil perspectives on using mobile devices for learning”
The advance of mobile devices into our everyday lives continues, and doesn’t look to falter any time soon (if at all). As educators and facilitators we talk and plan and design and write about implementing and using these devices (phones, tablets, [Read More...]

Blackboard Mobile Learn App – examples?
Here’s the question … has anyone designed a Blackboard course purely from the perspective of working from the Mobile Learn App? Is it a mobile-friendly Bb course, or is it in fact a mobile-first approach to course design? In my very unscientific [Read More...]

Tapping into Mobile Learning
Another infographic, this time looking into how we can tap into mobile learning. Some figures from the infographic for you: Only 17% of surveyed schools state that children are required to use mobile or portable devices in the classroom, and only 16% [Read More...]

Take Our Rapid Intake Survey
This month our User Satisfaction Survey features eLearning and mobile learning provider Rapid Intake.  Read the full article and answer just a few brief questions to share your opinions.

Improving Learning with Mobile Technology
A couple of months ago I was asked to contribute to an eBook about mobile learning and changes in attitudes and technology …  “what are the most effective uses of technology in online and mobile education?” Along with 34 leading educators and mobile [Read More...]

The Challenge of eBooks in Academic Institutions #edtech
The goal of the JISC Report into the  ’Challenge of eBooks in Academic Institutions’ project is to help “orientate senior institutional managers and to support institutions in the effective adoption and deployment of eBooks and eBook technology. As a [Read More...]

Association Learn-Tech Survey Extended – Please Participate.

Well over 100 people have responded to the 2013 Association Learning + Technology Survey. If you are among them, thank you! If you have not yet participated, we’d be truly grateful if you or the appropriate person in your organization would do so [Read More...]

New eBook: 158 Tips on mLearning: From Planning to Implementation by Jennifer Neibert
article thumbnail image
As mobile device usage soars, organizations are changing their questions about mLearning from “Should [Read More...]

Mobile Learning
I will hold my hands up and say I want an experience of ‘good’ mobile learning. I know there are (or rather should be, we’ve been talking about it for long enough now) examples out there, but I haven’t ‘seen’ them. I have tried using mobile devices [Read More...]

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