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Why You Need to Think Mobile Marketing for Your Education Products

eMarketer has reported that retail m-commerce sales were up 81 percent in 2012, and they’re expected to rise 55.7 percent to $38.4 billion in 2013, making up 15 percent of e-commerce purchases this year. It’s undeniable—folks are buying online, [Read More...]

Congratulations to our 2013 Learning App Challenge winners!
ADL is pleased to announce the winners of its 2013 Learning App Challenge. The winning Apps were officially announced on Thursday, 18 July during the Interagency Mobile Learning Webinar Series. Winner of the Best Academic App award was the Mixed [Read More...]

Mobile Learning: Is It Right for Your Education Business?

In the June issue of ASTD’s T+D magazine, there’s an article by John Coné titled “Look Before You Leap Into Mobile Learning.” He asserts organizations shouldn’t jump into m-learning simply because it’s the next shiny thing or because it seems like [Read More...]

Free E-Book: Understanding Mobile Learning
[Read More...]

eLearning On Tablets: What, Why & How?
Last week, at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum in London, I spoke on “eLearning on Tablets: What, Why & How?” to an audience of roughly 70 people. That, I think, is a very decent number and reconfirms the growing interest in this area. I think [Read More...]

Getting More Out Of Your LMS: 10 Pointers – New eBook
The LMSs today are not restricted to merely conducting and managing the day-to-day organizational training activities, but embrace a much larger role. But unfortunately not many organizations are leveraging these platforms to their optimum. This is [Read More...]

mLearnCon 2013: Getting Results with Mobile Learning by Bill Brandon
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This year’s mLearnCon Conference & Expo provided a complete package for attendees, whether they were [Read More...]

iOS 7 Prepares The Ground For Apple’s Hybrid Tablets
With the launch of iOS 7 it is now apparent that Apple will soon be coming out with hybrid laptop/desktop and tablet devices. Patently Apple reports that Apple has already filed a patent for hybrid notebook/tablet whose display can be removed from [Read More...]

What Should You Spend on Mobile Marketing for Your Education Products?

7 percent, give or take, of your overall marketing budget, according to a white paper available from the Mobile Marketing Association. What’s Driving the Recommendation Often when it comes to advice, I’m left unsatisfied by platitudes of [Read More...]

mLearnCon 2013 Opens in San Jose by Bill Brandon
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Almost 1000 participants came to San Jose to add to their skills and knowledge in mobile learning and [Read More...]

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