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RT @davidsheen: Daily dose of Israeli apartheid: Swimming club refuses admittance to kids with cancer after learning they're Bedouin http:/5146; [+] 5/31/2013

via @rmbyrne Recordium 5133; Add Visual Notes to Audio Recordings: Recordium is a new iPad and ... #mlearning #edapps [+] 5/31/2013

A great case study of how #mlearning helps Trainer to structure Distance #Training Programme for busy employees #m4d [+] 5/31/2013

RT @googlejobs: Dennis Woodside, head of @Motorola, spoke at the #D11 conference about the Moto X & the future of mobile devices: http://t.5146; [+] 5/31/2013

Consider the device, the learner, and the social aspect. / Free #mobile toolkit and link to the FRAME mLearning model [+] 5/31/2013

3 Easy Ways to Turn your Class Blog Into A Beautiful e-Book ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning [+] 5/31/2013

RT @SNewco: RT @TheConsultantsE: The Future of Mobile Learning: Some interesting facts #mlearning #ipaded via @mojom5146; [+] 5/31/2013

RT @SNewco: RT @edutopia: Interesting graphic. MT @thenerdyteacher: 30+ #iPad Apps for Bloom's Taxonomy #ipaded #mle5146; [+] 5/31/2013

RT @RevelationInc: Why Mobile Research? We have answers in our latest and greatest webinar, In the Moment: Mobile Research at Its Best http5146; [+] 5/30/2013

What Do Parents Think About Mobile Learning? #mlearning #ipaded [+] 5/30/2013

RT @snewco: How To Gamify Your Classroom In 6 Easy Steps #mlearning #edchat [+] 5/30/2013

Mobile Learning | Aprendizaje con dispositivos m├│viles|YouTube 5/30/2013 I cover that event for 12 years have you ever been to the crying room very emotional But It's a learning experience [+] 5/30/2013

How Are Undergraduate Students Using Technology? #edtech #mlearning #edtechchat #edchat #elearning #infographic [+] 5/30/2013

[SCIENCE] Comet ISON is hurtling toward uncertain destiny with Sun #mlearning #Science 261e; [+] 5/30/2013

RT @conversion_guru: Learning from @darrenjgoldie what 10 questions you need to ask when choosing a mobile DSP #Mobi5146; [+] 5/30/2013

RT @SIGatIAS: Mobile Learning - Policy Guidelines and Practical Experience being explored via panelists @eLAconference now [+] 5/30/2013

Free e-learning with all #classroom courses until the end of May. Find out more here #elearning #mlearning [+] 5/30/2013

7 Steps to Grow Professionally Using Twitter This Summer ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning #edtech #... [+] 5/30/2013

RT @AnnAmandaBee: 40 Sites & #Apps for creating #presentations #slideshows #edtech via @dkapuler #mlearning #animati5146; [+] 5/30/2013

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